Thankful Thursday – Direction


Thank You Lord for the given direction. For answering my prayers and gifting me sight. The path ahead be far from easy just as in this moment now.
My friend has opened my eyes to the way things really are 🙂 Thank You friend you have helped empower strength within me. I face our Creator with respect and a rediscovered sense of a great need to be humble. No longer with I cower away from what IS.
I will furthermore embrace the pain and true love I shall gain.
Thank You for all the pain oh Mother of the Earth, you smile in the face of our despair when really you deeply care. You push us to be greater, be it now or much later. You know all will be well. For what our hearts cannot understand, we must trust in your great plan.
Listen can you hear her in the wind. Stop crying, don’t weep, hold your face into the storm, catch a glimpse of the sunshine that resides on the turning of time.
For us my friend we know greater love is to come, for now my love let us be One.

My gift is the sight of direction and for this my gratitude will never end, a true wish come true. My gift back to the Universe is to follow the path as righteously as I can forsaking all else, answering to my call.

This post is in association with the amazing challenge Thankful Thursdays by  Mithrulina. Check out her most recent post on gratitude and see if it resonates with you as deeply as it does me.
Join us with your thanks on this glorious Thursday 🙂

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